The QUEST Edge

Our Signature In-house Training Program Designed to
Make the Most of Your Competitive Advantage

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  • Business-to-Business purchasing decisions are based 50% on product performance, 30% on price (value!) and 20% on personal considerations. Suppliers to strategic/key accounts are almost always selected because they exhibit a small margin, in these areas, over competent challenging competitors. We are all about providing you the tools to gain that small margin. We call it The QUEST Edge and it is unique in seven important ways.

    1. Customized to your business —the training is made "real world" to your team through an integrated "team oriented" case study that features your industry, company, products, clients and critical issues.
    2. A structured account planning process —addressing both strategic and tactical components—it helps the account managers organize their thoughts and see the account through the eyes of their customer's executives. This shortens the time required to get to the "action spots", with the right messages, and to pre-plan for contingencies and competitive tactics. It also opens the opportunity for true "consultative" selling.
    3. Clear identification of the account's interpersonal dynamics —through application of a unique comprehensive interpersonal model you are able to navigate the sales and post-sale processes with fewer "people risks", better leverage opportunities, and a success multiplier for building long-term, effective and synergistic relationships.
    4. Identification of the account's true decision-making process —our proprietary POWER CHART helps you identify how the decision-making process flows in the account, obstacles in your path, and provides the visibility to develop highly effect strategies and tactics.
    5. Participants hit the ground running —each team member walks away with a comprehensive workshop manual, Microsoft Word templates for applying the process directly to their accounts, and software tools for generating crucial portions of the account plan.
    6. Optimized planning —Our process combines a very high level of visibility inside the account, a process to follow, and the account manager's experience to develop the best approaches. Most strategic/key accounts are too complex to rely on simplistic formulas for the best decisions. The account manager's observations are very key.
    7. Management visibility —the structured account plan and POWER CHARTTM provide sales management and account managers with the tools to clearly follow the sales process and the strategies and tactics that are being employed.
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