Results, Recognition and Achievement

Certificate of Achievement in Education

awarded by

The American Association of Association Executives

The American Association of Association Executives awarded Quest Team it's prestigious National award, the Certificate of Achievement in Education, in the category, "Best United States program delivered through a large industry association."

The following quotations are actual comments made by class and seminar participants.


"Good Stuff. I’ve looked forward to this class for quite a few years."

"Exceeded expectations. Very impressive. I’m sure it will be useful going forward."

"Very knowledgeable instructors, great examples, good interaction."

"It was great."

"Very well done."

"Very well done; instructors are very knowledgeable and able to present material well."

Suss MicroTec

"Much better than expected. I found several things I have been doing wrong and many tactics the customers have used on me."

"The workshop was very intuitive. Instructor was very knowledgeable of subjects."

"Excellent, *Oriented, *Provided lot of information based on real experience."

"Fun, informative, insightful, worthwhile."

"Eye opening to past and present situations."

"Very interactive and lively."

Rohm and Haas

"Very relevant, enlightening, and enjoyable."

"It was very interesting for me and got some skill to see other people. It was a good time to see myself and get some points to improve myself during the training."

"Good material; especially negotiation. Nice to have details in binder. Excellent additional info for actual key customer."

"It’s a good interactive workshop to share experience from senior people like the instructors."

"It’s very compact and refreshing our sales skills."

"Contains lots of information and example in dealing with different types of people. It helps us to be more tactful in negotiation."


"Comprehensive and very informative. Gave me some good new ideas to try out at home."

"Good program"

"A course that baselines all appropriate fundamental marketing concepts."

"Useful with some excellent tools that can be put to good use."

"Progressive building of solid marketing concepts."

"Very good. Liked Strategic Planning, Marketing Action Plan and Value Proposition sessions."

Mattson Technology

"Not just informative, provides opportunity to develop ideas relating to product marketing activities, pricing strategy, market research, proposals, product development (MRS) discipline. I will use the manual as a ‘guide’ book."

"Good A to Z introduction to product management for the industry. I know of known better."

"Must attend for every marketing professional. Gave me a good insight into marketing do’s and don’ts. This will help me enhance my marketing skills and make me more effective in my job."

"High value — helps to reflect on your own thinking. I like to keep good information so I won’t recommend it to anyone."

"The best overall coverage of industry product marketing I have seen. I would not believe the information and suggestions could be given in less than a semester."


Brooks Automation (Asia)

"A refreshing training for a comprehensive thought process to approach a large account."

"High participation in the workshop. Case study was well organized. Very good. Nice lesson to learn ‘American’ way. Very effective to be a part of U.S. company sales team.

"The presenter is very knowledgeable and very articulate. The technique is effective."

"Good presentation and demo a perfect case study."

"Very refreshing. Creates new mindsets and reinforces the need for better systematic understanding for accounts for effective sales."

"Very interesting, interactive and well paced."

Cabot Microelectronics

"Thorough, good use of examples on how to implement in real life. Instructor held the interest of the group and encouraged participation by the entire class."

"Go to the class. Efficient. Created lots of thoughts."

"Informative, insightful, fairly fast-paced to maintain level of interest. Covered significant amount of material in a short period of time."

"Very helpful, informative. Valuable"

"Very effective case study because it was fine-tuned to trigger many of our current hot buttons.

"I enjoyed the different approach from courses that just focus on the ‘nuts & bolts’ of putting a generic plan together. The focus and learning on personalities will be very helpful."

Air Liquide

"Excellent. It provided me with the insight and tools to improve how we market our services."

"A lot of tools/templates for marketing is very helpful to follow up the course."

"Covers most subjects.

"A lot of ideas and marketing tools for improving our future work efficiencies."

"Great primer to getting a marketing focus going in our company."

"Presenters are very knowledgeable and the seminar was very directed to our industry which was very beneficial. Overall impressive!"

"It was very interesting and very useful. Applying what we learned to our line will be beneficial."

AZ Electronic Materials

"This is wonderful. It is very helpful. Gave me many tools to use. Helped me to see customers differently (better)."

"Excellent! Very precise examples. Tools that can be used immediately. Very specific to our needs."

"Informative — taught quite a bit about how to gain key access to accounts and how to maintain them. Taught me how to use personalities to determine in-roads to customers!"

"Very informative, good real-life examples, organized and enjoyable!"

"Very educational. Strategic. Very good!"

"Extremely helpful in understanding the role of the account manager and what is needed to be successful in getting positive sales for our organization."