Martin Hammond, Ph.D.

Martin Hammond, Ph.D.

Marty is a member emeritus of The Quest Team and principal of TMX International. Marty's primary focus today is helping companies bring products to market.

Prior to establishing TMX, he was Vice President for Marketing and Technology at Mattson Technology. During the past 30+ years, Marty has held senior technology and marketing positions at Lam Research, Gemini Research, Applied Materials, Hugle/Unicorp/ Tempress, and he was President of Plasmachem, Inc. a start-up in exhaust gas treatment. He led teams that produced many CVD reactor systems for the semiconductor industry, including pioneering work in commercial LPCVD. Marty is widely published in CVD and epitaxial silicon technology and training.

He is a charter member of the SEMI Marketing/Sales Executive Committee (SMECS) and is a member of the Materials Research Society, the Electrochemical Society, and the American Ceramic Society. He received the 1990 Walter C. Benzing award from SEMI for his involvement in the creation and presentation of a flagship industry marketing training course. In 1994, he received the coveted "SEMI" Award for his work in LPCVD.

Marty has extensive experience in assisting firms in developing their general marketing direction and positioning their company, product lines, or products within high technology markets.

He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from U. C. Berkeley and his Ph.D. from Stanford in Materials Science.

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