Kevin Wilson, Ph. D.

Senior Lecturer in Marketing
The Southampton Business School
United Kingdom

Kevin Wilson, Ph. D.

Dr. Kevin Wilson is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at The Southampton Business School, United Kingdom where he teaches marketing and researches in the field of strategic account management. He is also a director of the Sales Research Trust Ltd., and co-editor of the Journal of Selling and Major Account Management.

In a former life Kevin worked with UK, European and American companies including GEC, Seimens and Harvey Hubbell in the lighting industry, where he performed a variety of sales management roles.

Following a sabbatical, during which he gained his MBA at the University of Nottingham, Kevin went on to complete his PhD at the same university. He is widely published in the field of key and strategic account management and works closely with SAMA in the United States and in Europe. He is also a regular speaker at international conferences.

Kevin provides bespoke workshops and management development seminars for senior executives within companies striving to serve their customers better, be that at a national, international or global level. The workshops and seminars use the very latest research to underpin the strategic thinking of managers facing a constantly changing environment.

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