Leonard Given


Leonard Given

Len Given is President and Founder of The Quest Team, Inc. With four decades of experience in high-tech industries, he has been developing sales, marketing, support and management teams from the U.S., Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

He has personally been involved with in-depth training and consulting work in more than 350 companies. He is internationally recognized as an accomplished workshop leader and consultant in interpersonal sales psychology, strategic account management, technical product marketing and team building.

While he has worked with clients across 23 industries, Mr. Given has extensive knowledge of the semiconductor and semiconductor equipment and materials industry. Having worked with managerial, sales, marketing, and other professional teams in scores of semiconductor equipment, materials and components manufacturers and a significant portion of the IDMs since 1979. He knows the industry well.

He served as the project manager for the development of the national, award winning course, Fundamentals of Product Marketing (for the SEM industry), as well as Principles of Selling to the Semiconductor Industry, Key Semiconductor Account Selling and Management, Combating Aggressive Supply Chain Management, Doing Business with Intel, Financial Boot Camp for the Non-Financial professional/Manager and Account Support Boot Camp, all of which have been presented as a joint venture with SEMI. In all courses he was extensively involved in both the design and the compilation of relevant material.

Prior to founding The Quest Team, Mr. Given had a senior management background in the development of business systems, design of software applications and, data processing. A former US Air Force officer, he holds a degree in marketing from Syracuse University.

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