In-House Training

Companies with high-technology, long sales cycle products and services usually win orders because of a small edge.

The product is part of the equation, but your marketing, sales and customer support teams are the other part of the equation. Quest Team in-house training programs are designed to make sure that second part of the equation has that special edge of differentiation.

Our world-class trainers are intimately familiar with each of these disciplines:

  • Product Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Strategic/Key Account Selling
  • Basic and Intermediate Selling

  • Customer Team Development
  • Negotiating/Anti-PICOS
  • Interpersonal Skills

Here's Why Companies Select The Quest Team

We know there are many companies offering training courses in this area. So you can, and should, be very discerning in picking a firm with which to partner. Here are four reasons why Quest Team can be your best choice for a training partner.

Custom Fit — to your specific needs. With over 50 proven modules, and the ability to rapidly create custom ones, we are able to add to, subtract from, and modify training programs to make sure they are relevant, natural to your team, and effective in achieving your results. This is often accomplished without any additional cost to you.

World-Class Training Coaches — Quest Team coaches have quite simply... "been there"... "done that". A prime requisite is decades of successful experience as both a professional and executive dealing with the topics being taught. Our coaches, who are former VPs of Sales/Marketing and CEOs, have honed their training skills and proven themselves continually in front of demanding audiences. They relate and are credible to seminar and workshop participants. This results in a rapid transfer of knowledge and skills.

Proven Content and Delivery — We have successfully delivered a broad selection of training and coaching processes to many hundreds of companies, over four decades, in North America, Asia, and Europe. We were selected, out of a field of over 20 pre-qualified companies, to enhance an entire major industry's sales and marketing professionalism and have even been honored with a national award for the results. The proof of our quality is in our history.

Flexible Approach — the training process is not limited by existing paradigms or parameters. The training environment can consist of any mix of approaches: instructor-led classroom; LIVE web presentations in our Virtual Classroom; pre-recorded web presentations; coaching through our Virtual Classroom, telephone, email, etc. Training can be presented any day of the week.

Next Steps...

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