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    Suggestions on how to effectively combat the introduction of a competitor's system at a major show. What means should be used?

  1. You are not going to combat it. What you need to do is know what it is; what you are going to do about it long-term; and know what you are going to do to it in the top 25 accounts you are pursuing. Be aware that no introduction at any show made a market share difference. It is the performance of the product against some requirement that causes changes in market share. If no one went to SEMICON WEST it wouldn't make any difference to the market share. If you don't effectively show up at your top ten customers, and probably the top 25, it surely will make a big difference.
  2. The ideal way to introduce a product is to engage your customers early on like Applied and many others. By the time they introduce the product they already have the beta site sold and running, and typically enough data coming back. Then when you go to their booth, you'll notice the average person can't just walk in and look at the machine. It is behind some wall. By showing the product in the open, your competitor is helping you by telling you about their offering.
  3. Let the competitor have his 15 minutes of fame. Can you ever remember any situation in the industry where a trade-show introduction cost you a huge amount of market share? I can't.