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    What are the quantitative metrics to judge success in marketing?

  1. Monthly sales, quarterly profits, and annual ROI.
  2. If you are to be a successful marketing person and you find, over time, that your organization is moving into new areas that are not too much different from where it has been, that is success. In other words, if you understand your company's core competency and are using that to determine product direction, that is very successful marketing.
  3. From the MARCOM area, achieving your goal on budget.
  4. I don't know what successful marketing is, but I know what it isn't. It isn't winning awards for advertising and marketing - there is almost an inverse relationship between people who win such awards and the success of their products.
  5. Bob Graham would have said, "Being right" is the determination of success.
  6. Another measure of individual marketing success is that other people in the organization seek out your ideas and thoughts on things. That is a good indicator that you have historically become known as a good, or meaningful, contributor to proper directions. Also, when your co-workers start bringing you information that you havenít yet requested would indicate that you are recognized as the focal point for the product and/or market.