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    What would be the most important advice you would give a new product marketing person?

  1. First, learn the product and technology to the degree that you can carry on an intelligent conversations about it. Second is learn the customer base. Find out about the key ones and go out and meet them. Until you have done this you will not to bring value to your job.
  2. I think another one is to learn all about your competition: how they operate; what are their product offerings; their strengths and weaknesses as perceived by the market. This gives you an idea as to what you are up against and then allow you to develop enough differentiation to gain market share.
  3. On a tactical basis, never contact the customer without the account manager’s knowledge and approval – he or she is responsible for the account. Also, make yourself valuable when you do go out in the field. You’ll be invited out time and time again Be fun to be with. The salesperson will invite you out; you represent the corporate office; you bring extra value to the sales process and you are then doing your job.