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    Discuss the use of customer’s positioning, using well known players and their people to position you in the industry.

  1. Answer 1 – If you have champions inside a company that want and see what your product offers them, they are going to have a lot to do with the perception of other decision influencers and makers. Use them every time you can.
  2. Answer 2 – If you have a new product and are going to the market with a Beta, how should you use it. This is a small industry and rule 1 is never give it to a company that starts with the letter “I” (Intel). They’ll kill it for you one way or the other. If they like it, they will want to kill it so that only they have it. If they don’t like it, they will tell all their friends. So be very careful where you position your Beta.
  3. Answer 3 – That goes back to some previous points we discussed, always keep your Beta in house. That was one of Bob Graham’s cardinal rules. Control of your new product and product is vastly more important to you than being able to say someone is running it.