Semiconductor Terminology

Graphic Glossary of Terms
by Michael Heynes Ph.D. and Anne Miller

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Based on Microchip Fabrication by Peter Van Zant, this fully illustrated resource manual is useful for all persons working in integrated circuit manufacturing, including those who supply the IC makers.

This reference text clearly depicts current terms unique to the industry, thus avoiding lengthy searches for the meaning of unfamiliar words and acronyms. It includes definitions and graphics associated with the function and design of integrated circuits, as well as those relative to the manufacturing process and its environment. Facilitator instructions are also included.

ETCH: A process for removing material, usually in a specified area, using a chemical reaction. Liquid or gaseous chemicals are used. ("wet" or "dry" etching).
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Microchip Fabrication is 102 pages, spiral bound and fully illustrated. Fifth edition published by Semiconductor Services © 2007, ISBN 1-887574-04-2