Al Valletta

Al Valletta is a highly effective workshop leader and consultant in the areas of communication and effective presentations. His background includes the teaching of communication arts for over 30 years. He understands the intricacies of the process, and has proven very effective in transferring this knowledge to others.

Al has worked broadly within industry, individually coaching executives and developing the presentation skills of sales and marketing and technical support teams. His work spans numerous industries, ranging from extensive involvement with high technology companies in Silicon Valley all the way to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Boston. He is also a play and television director and is personal coach to a number of well-known television actors. He has appeared in television dramas and feature films.

After receiving his M. A. in Communication and Theater Arts, Al taught at the university level for 11 years. His courses included phonetics, voice and articulation, public address, interpersonal communication, and cold reading for television and film acting. His background also includes sales and promotion for Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company.

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