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On-demand Courses

Web-based Instruction by Industry Experts

Receive expert instruction in selected topics, presented by the renowned Quest Team sales and marketing experts, right at your own desk or from your home. Our online mini-seminar/workshops have been designed to satisfy this need.

Course Offerings

How to Read and Understand Financial Statements

Understanding the concepts and language of financial reporting

This course is designed to give you a working knowledge of the concepts on which accounting is based. You won't learn to keep the books, but you will learn to really understand what financial reports say. You'll learn enough basic terminology to be able to carry on an intelligent discussion of financial implications of your work.


Pricing and Costing

The art and science of pricing and costing

The course is designed to help you think about the alternatives you have in setting prices. It is intended to help you determine what makes an "optimum" price, and if one exists for your particular circumstances. The course is also intended to give you insight into the differences between the "standard cost" often referred to in industry and the real costs of doing incremental business. To successfully manage a business, you must understand where your costs actually come from.


Business Modeling

This 10-lesson course is designed to enable you as a non-accountant to build a usable financial model of a business. You'll use that model to determine and analyze proposed changes in the business, and to have a basis for selection among alternative strategies. You'll concentrate on the process and logic of modeling rather than on the numbers by which the model is expressed.


Making The Microchip - At the Limits III

Making the Microchip - At the Limits III is an overview of the semiconductor processing industry. This video course, based on training principles, provides a comprehensive view of the complex manufacturing steps using non-technical terminology and analogies. The most recent advances in IC manufacturing such as the use of copper, chemical mechanical planarization, multi-level metal and high and low-k dielectrics are addressed.


How Our Online Courses Work

bullet arrow High quality, expert instruction from the same industry experts that teach award winning Quest Team classroom courses. They are industry leaders — they've been there, done that, and you can learn successful pathways from their experience.
bullet arrow Take these highly-focused courses at your own pace. Begin immediately or anytime within 30-days after signing-up. You can stop the course at a desired point and re-access the appropriate section at a later time.
bullet arrow Review the course multiple times. Once signed-up, you may retake any portion, or the entire course, as many times as you wish, within 30 days.
bullet arrow Receive hard copy material for continual review. Key course information and exercises are downloaded for printout. This hard copy information is used during the course and remains in your possession for continual reference.
bullet arrow Certificate of completion is available. Optionally, you may take a course knowledge survey. Upon successful completion, a Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing, is downloaded for printout. If you miss questions on the survey, you are directed to the portion of the course covering that topic so you may review it. You may then retake the knowledge survey.

Corporate Training Packages

In addition to group pricing, the following is available: post-course knowledge testing, automatic completion certification, accessible progress and test scores database for program administrator.

Frequently Asked Questions

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