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    How is marketing able to drive a project in non-market driven companies?

  1. This is the biggest problem the equipment side of the business has in that the industry came out of the technology world. Products were develop on "expert knowledge" and one out of three were successful—people would then laud it and say that is the method for the future. To have credibility, you the marketing professional have to answer the question, "What have you done and what do you know for management to pay attention to you?" If you don't know everything, and you won't, go find the customer because he has the money and bring that market information to the forefront. Beat engineering over the head with the customer information—sensitize them.
  2. Why do you care? The simplest answer is to go work for a company that is market driven where there is a greater chance of succeeding. However, if you have been given some power—like stopping the shipment of a product that isn't ready—use it. Bravery is directly proportional to credibility.
  3. I want to clarify some terms here because it is central to the question. It is not marketing driven, but market driven. You should be talking about this is what the "market" needs and my proof of it, if you want to be successful. The company needs to be doing what the customer needs, not what marketing wants. Marketing decisions are longer term than most sales decisions. They are conserving and best directing the resources of the company.