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    How do I create a compelling ROI analysis presentation for the customer when there is an unclear connection between the use of my equipment and the money saved by the customer? Also, how does one go about developing an ROI model when the customer does not have, or is unwilling to share, all the necessary information?

  1. You better know what the customer needs from your equipment for it to be worthwhile for him. If you do not have enough data to develop a compelling ROI, what is the basis for your being at this point in your sales cycle? Your account team is not adequately integrated with the customer personnel and has work to do before you get to this point.
  2. If you donít know their situation, put up 3 diverse situations (A, B and C)ódefine each of those situations and point out what you have done for each of them; what the ROI was in that circumstance. If you carefully watch your audience you will pick up the clues as to which situation they most closely identify with. Usually at this point, they will start to reveal information, little by little, until you are discussing their real circumstance.