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    What are the priorities of product marketing?

  1. he important things are product knowledge, strategy and product definition because that is what will make us successful. I view that as your responsibility but go talk to your boss first.
  2. In tandem with that you have to be an effective, believable communicator. If you can't sell your ideas inside your own company they are not going to go anywhere. You have to be an evangelist.
  3. I would add stimulate sales, forecast sales, track and report sales, and support sales. One of the problems is that every department thinks it is the center of wisdom and learning in the universe. The manufacturing department says nobody can exist without us; we're the people who actually make the product. The engineering department says it wouldn't be anything if we didn't engineer it, invent it and write the specs. The sales department with their egos certainly believe they are the center. The best thing the marketing department can do is not try to think of themselves as the center of learning and wisdom in the world. If you think of yourself as serving the other departments, then you lead. I think that is a priority.
  4. In order to have product knowledge and lead the way in terms of development, the product marketing professional has to have been out there in the market. With so many people snapping at your rear you feel you can't get out of the office. But, you must get out of the office, the market is where you learn about the product. More than 10% of your time and less than 30% should be in the field.