Account Support Boot Camp

Building Account Relationships and Handling Conflict

Intensive and Thorough One Day Course

Equip Your Account Support Team with exceptional relationship-building tools

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, no open enrollment classes are scheduled at this time. We'll resume classes when it is safe to do so. Please contact us for information.
Equip Your Service and Support Team with exceptional relationship-building tools

Your account support, service, and installation teams have a great impact upon your success with every customer account.

They face a daunting challenge.

You rely on your account support team members to deal effectively with customers during times of crisis, extreme time pressures, and uncontrollable outside circumstances. You've given your team the necessary technical knowledge to succeed.

Now count on The Quest Team to provide them with the interpersonal and conflict management skills to properly interface with customer personnel, handle crises effectively, build confidence in your firm, and turn adversity into opportunity for solidifying customer relationships.

Presented in cooperation with SEMI. Classes are held in Milpitas, California.

Course Overview

This high-impact course is designed to provide customer service, support and installation personnel with the interface tools to be successful in maintaining positive account relationships, while ensuring that the suppler, as well as the customer, experience desired results.

The one-day course uses a variety of tools to help the participant internalize the learning points. Instruction combines the use of interpersonal and conflict management models with individualized feedback to personalize the understanding to each participant.

Realistic field case studies, combined with individual and team exercises, translate learning into "real world" application.

Experienced, highly rated instructors and limited class size ensures a superb learning experience

What you will learn

  • To understand people and how to adjust your approach for optimum outcomes
  • To identify expectations of individual customer personnel
  • To avoid words and actions that are likely to lead to conflict
  • To gain customer commitments to supplier support requests
  • To properly deal with conflict under varying scenarios

Who should attend

Account support personnel from semiconductor, solar, MEMS and LED suppliers of equipment, materials and components. This includes field service and customer support engineers, technicians, and managers. It also includes operations, process and tech support personnel who are part of installation teams.

R&D and other engineering personnel who have on-site customer contact will also benefit greatly.

Quest Team Instructor

Len Given

Course outline

  1. The technical customer arena of the 2010s
    • Being part of the plan – link to the account manager
    • What and what not to do as the technical representative
  2. Supply Chain Management – sidestepping the landmines
    • Unknowingly sabotaging your company's position
    • When to defer to account manager or higher authority
  3. Understanding people and mastering the interaction
    • Simplifying human nature
    • Personality clues – variations in Western to Asian cultures
    • Adaptation vs. routine approaches
    • Optimized interaction with each personality
    • Who are you in the model? – feedback
    • Determining necessary adjustments
  4. Applying the interpersonal model -- exercises
    • Negative vs. positive statements -- knowing the difference
    • Customer statements – understanding expectations
    • Customer wording – what it actually means
  5. Managing conflict for better results
    • Thinking traps
    • 5 key conflict strategies and their use
    • Application of the strategies – team case studies
    • Your personal conflict style – feedback
    • Analysis and refining your conflict style -- exercise
Your service and support team, expertly trained, becomes yet another strategic advantage for your firm

Additional details

The Account Support Boot Camp is held from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Registration includes continental breakfast and lunch. Casual business attire is appropriate.

Materials include: extensive course manual and personalized feedback, allowing each participant to understand themselves better in the context of interpersonal interaction and conflict.

What people say about Account Support Boot Camp...

Actual comments from past class participants

"Six months after the course, management reported that customer interaction problems had dropped by 75%."

"Excellent source of personalities insight. Highly engaging."

"Very timely and accurate with our company situation. This new knowledge will help us a lot in our daily interaction with our customer."

"Outstanding, very real world, practical – this is about the 5th or 6th one I have taken and by far it was the best."

"Will help me deal with and answer customers and their concerns."


"Good learning experience."

"Very well presented and good group participation."

"Excellent program that really help us a lot. Study and discussion."

"Informational-eye opening. Helps to identify causes of stress from confrontation. Explains the why components of a person based on their behavior and how to best deal with that particular situation."

"Informative and held my attention for several hours. Not a small task to do."