Fundamentals of Product Marketing

The Key to Success in Todays Market

"Absolute necessity for product management. Great topics, well presented, well organized."

–Joe Wildgoose
Product Manager
Franklin, MA

"Can't live without it! This course prepared me for my new role in Product Marketing, and gave me the tools and methodologies to succeed in my new role."

–Kiyomi Monro
Market Development Manager
Osaka, Japan

"You must have this course under your belt. This is the second time I took this course and it was still a lot of new information to absorb."

–Brandon Lee
Director of Marketing & Business Development
Cimac, Inc.
San Jose, CA

"It got me enthusiastic about being in product marketing again. Lots of good ideas and presenters. A lot of info that can be used in real life. Kudos for awesome time management! Started on time, finished on time."

–Russell Stevens, Applications Engineering Manager
Sachem, Inc., Austin, TX

Fundamentals of Product Marketing The Key to Success in Todays Market
2017-10-24 to 2017-10-26
SEMI Headquarters, Milpitas, CA

Course overview

Steering your company's products successfully through the complex and constantly changing semiconductor equipment and materials marketplace takes technical expertise, business savvy and a thorough understanding of the product marketing process. Fundamentals of Product Marketing teaches just that - it provides specific product marketing skills that are directly applicable to the semiconductor equipment and materials professional.

What you will learn

  • Develop your role for optimum effectiveness
  • Successfully launch a product
  • Develop a strategic marketing plan
  • Gather research based upon your product's life cycle
  • Implement the process for successful product development
  • Develop realistic forecasts
  • Position your products to meet your market strategies

Who should participate

Fundamentals of Product marketing was developed for semiconductor equipment and materials companies of all sizes and employees at all levels. Regardless of your level of experience, this seminar can strengthen your marketing skills. Also, because product marketing has such an important role in a company, this course is recommended for industry professionals in sales, product management, engineering, finance, and executive management. Fundamentals of Product Marketing encourages and reinforces the need for strong and supportive relationships between marketing and other departments.

Special Feature: The Experts Panel

Over the three days of the course, questions arise on specific marketing issues that the students have encountered. The Expert's Panel is an open forum held on the last day of the course and dedicated to answering those questions. Students gather collaborative information from industry experts on "real life" marketing challenges.

Course outline

  1. The Product Marketing Environment

    • Industry overview
    • Market size and demographics
    • Market characteristics and culture
  2. Product Marketing Responsibilities and Interfaces

    • Charter
    • Action groups
    • Industry specific responsibilities
  3. Market Research And Analysis

    • Product life-cycle plan
    • Strategies using the life-cycle
    • Sources of data
    • Customers/competitors
  4. Product Development

    • Defining needs and objectives
    • Reliability
    • Dealing with growing/stable/declining markets
    • Promotion
    • Enhancements
  5. International Marketing

    • Conditions to consider
    • Regional profiles explored
  6. Introduction To Strategic Marketing

    • Overcoming difficulties
    • Elements of strategic marketing plan
    • Life-cycle adjustments
    • How to get buy-in
  7. Product Introduction And Promotion

    • Pricing
    • Promotion plan
    • The roll-out
    • Messages that sell
  1. Positioning

    • Defining you company and products
    • Using competitors, customers, others
    • Different strategies for new and existing products
    • Developing a realistic plan
  2. Proposals

    • Selling document
    • Manufacturing's commitment
    • Specials
    • Acceptance criteria
  3. Legal Aspects of Product Marketing

    • Relevant laws
    • Pricing
    • Terms and conditions
    • Anti-trust
    • Liability
  4. Forecasting

    • Techniques
    • Critical factors
    • Team forecasts
    • Working with reps
  5. Interpersonal Competence and Communication

    • Working with and through others
    • Trust
    • Communication
  6. Personal Action Planning

    • Reinforcing your thinking
    • Overcoming procrastination
    • Psychological commitment and goals
  7. The Expert's Panel

    • Free Forum
    • Your questions answered

Fundamentals of Product Marketing

was awarded the

Certificate of Achievement
in Education

by the
American Society of Association Executives

The American Society of Association Executives awarded Quest Team it's prestigious National award, the Certificate of Achievement in Education, in the category, "Best United States program delivered through a large industry association."

Course Materials

Fundamentals of Product Marketing seminars are held from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm the first and second days, and from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm on the third day.

Registration includes continental breakfast and lunch all three days. Casual business attire is appropriate.

Materials include: extensive course manual and product development management software.

Cities and Dates

2017-10-24 to 2017-10-26
SEMI Headquarters, Milpitas, CA

This course is available for in-house presentations.

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