Principles of Selling to the Semiconductor Industry

Tools for Industry Sales Success

Principles of Selling to the Semiconductor Industry Tools for Industry Sales Success

Presented in cooperation with SEMI. Classes are held in San Jose, California.

Learn critical skills and gain actionable tools
from industry professionals

Course overview

The sales environment in the semiconductor and related industries is one where the potential customers are well defined, decisions are often made by committees, the sales cycle is frequently long, and competition can be fierce. Such an environment can be an enormous challenge for those who are unaware.

This powerful two-day workshop takes you inside this sales process where you will gain critical industry knowledge, along with the skills necessary to execute sales to manufacturers and OEMs in a highly successful manner. Experienced industry instructors, each with a successful record of sales to the industry, present a step-by-step program of valuable tools you can immediately use in the field. Filled with realistic case studies, exercises and "real world" examples, the workshop puts the sales function into manageable perspective.

What you will learn

  • What to expect from industry customer contacts, by function
  • The use of product messages that are persuasive to fabs and OEMs
  • How to gain "mind share" during the industry's elongated sales cycle
  • How to competitively differentiate your product
  • How to create industry-effective sales aids
  • How to make the best use of SEMICON and other expositions
  • Successful negotiation in a customer-controlled environment intent upon reducing your profit margin

Who should participate

Technical and non-technical industry professionals who are relatively new to sales or never had formal training in sales; or non-sales team members who closely support the sales process. This includes product marketing, applications and field engineering. The program is also and excellent refresher for the experienced account manager or the sales manager looking for better ways to develop the sales staff.

Course Outline

  • The Industry
  • Industry overview
  • Operating sales environment
  • The future
  • Getting Started
  • The image you convey
  • Knowledge of your product and your competitors
  • Capitalize on this incestuous industry
  • Customer knowledge
  • Presentation skills
  • Setting up files
  • The Typical Industry Process Sale
  • The Sales Process Within The Process Sale-a science
  • Constructing persuasive industry messages
  • Controlling the fab and OEM sale
  • Gaining commitments, even with committees
  • Interpersonal Side Of The Industry Sale
  • Understanding fab and OEM personnel
  • Reading people from available clues
  • Adjusting approaches for effectiveness
  • Insight into your own style
  • Gaining Critical Information
  • Securing appointments and preparing for impact
  • Setting the stage
  • Conducting probing interviews
  • Listening – the art of selling
  • Write it down now! (call reports)
  • Sales Aids For The Industry
  • Successful and unsuccessful sales aids
  • Using Cost of Ownership model to sell
  • Getting and using references
  • Collateral materials
  • Your own data sheets
  • Help – Where to Get It and How To Use It
  • The difficult-to-see customer
  • Industry networking
  • Technology selling/team selling
  • Handling Typical Industry Objections
  • Real and imaginary
  • Objection handling techniques
  • Preparation for success
  • Conducting Successful Industry Negotiations With Manufacturers and OEMs
  • Understanding the Industry process
  • Be wary of supply chain management techniques
  • Gaining concessions
  • The role of win-win and win-lose in the industry
  • Expositions
  • Use of SEMICON and other expositions
  • Exposition etiquette
  • How to get customers to your booth
  • Follow-up

Course Materials

Principles of selling to the Semiconductor Industry workshops are held from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Registration includes continental breakfast and lunch both days. Casual business attire is appropriate.

Materials include: extensive course manual

Quest Team Instructors

Len Given

John Housley

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