The Quest Team provides leading-edge corporate training programs for your sales, marketing, and account team personnel.

We can provide a world-class Training experience for your team
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We can provide a world-class training experience for your sales, marketing, and support team members
  • Draw content from more than 50 time-tested modules
  • 30 years experience providing semi-custom training formats
  • World-class instuctors that know
    how to get the point across

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On-Demand Courses

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Our On-demand courses are taught by the same world-class instructors that teach our classroom courses. Each comes with a money-back guarantee. Check out the demos and register for a class today!

Pricing and Costing

The art and science of pricing and costing

Currency Mechanics

To successfully manage a business, you must understand where your costs actually come from. This course is designed to help you think about the alternatives you have in setting prices.


How to Read and Understand Financial Statements

Understanding the concepts and language of financial reporting

Whether you are an executive, manager or professional, you may need to evaluate a customer, plan new projects or policies, or simply deal with the financial aspects of your role. To be effective you'll want to be able to use the language of accounting.


Business Modeling

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an "intra-preneur", if your role involves strategic planning, you will profit from being able to see the financial implications of your ideas.


Making the Microchip III

This video course, based on training principles, provides a comprehensive view of the complex manufacturing steps using non-technical terminology. Take the Online Course or Purchase the DVD.



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About The Quest Team

The Quest Team is an organization of highly experienced professionals offering

High impact, semi-customized training processes for the development of sales, marketing and customer teams.

Sales and marketing consulting services to high technology industries.

We have worked extensively with management, sales, marketing, engineering and manufacturing teams in some 23 industries.

With our headquarters in the heart of California's Silicon Valley, The Quest Team, Inc. has been serving clients since 1974.